instructional design essentials, week 4

There are a few different technologies I use in my classes.

Guide on the Side: While I don't use this in my classes, per se, I often use this for self-directed learning done outside of the classroom. One example is a tutorial that takes students through the research process. This is used for an oral communication class that I flipped last year. Prior to using GOTS, the content in the tutorial was covered in class. Since the students now do this before they come to the library session, it allows us to spend the session doing higher level thinking activities. Students first watch the video lecture on the research process and then complete the GOTS tutorial:
You'll also find use of Padlet in the tutorial. This allows students to do collaborative brainstorming.

While this is an example of a more developed lesson using GOTS, I've also used GOTS for a simpler tutorial for students to learn how to use our Discovery Search. However, this is an optional tutorial for students whereas the GEO Research Process one is required.

Poll Everywhere: This is a great website that allows students to text their response to a survey question. You see the results instantly and students (and faculty) are excited to be allowed to use their phones in class. I've used this for pre- and post-tests of difficult concepts, as well as a way to see where students are in their knowledge of research.

Piktochart: This is the website students use to create their infographic on their topic. Instead of writing a paper, this requires students to think about how they will visually display their thesis statement, background information, and supporting evidence. It's easy to use and has many templates and images to use.

To varying degrees all three technologies I use do align with the Horizon Report. Guide on the Side, Padlet and Poll Everywhere fit clearly in the trend towards Online, Hybrid and Collaborative Learning, but also fit with Students as Creators and Flipped Classrooms.

I have found these technologies to really enhance and motivate students' learning. I really like Padlet for collaborative work. It works best with a small classroom full of students, but they can do brainstorming in a way very similar to what we would do in a classroom. Poll Everywhere and the quiz in GOTS is helpful for assessment at varying points during instruction.

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